Open Corner for Bi-folding and Sliding Doors

Create the ultimate indoor/outdoor living space with an open corner.

An open corner allows you to open up an entire corner of a room to the outside, by having two bi-folding or sliding doors meeting at the corner.

Available with either a moving or fixed corner post, depending on what your building allows.

When the weight above the doors can be fully supported by steels, without the need for a brick pillar or fixed aluminium corner post, a moving corner post can be used. The moving corner is attached to a door leaf, which folds or slides back with the door when opened to create a completely open space.

Offering exactly the same strength, and security as a traditional bi-folding or sliding door, whilst at the same time creating a spectacular architectural feature.

Available in configurations from two to ten door sets, meaning whatever the size of your room, there will be a configuration to suit. With a bi-folding door open corner you are able to choose from 90 or 135 degree corners, allowing you to create a bay/faceted space whilst optimising the space within your home. As with all of our bi-folding and sliding doors, corner door sets are available in a wide range of colours, allowing you to create something which is truly unique.

To learn more about how your property could benefit from an open corner, book an showroom appointment with one of our experts.

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