Installations and After Sales Coordinator

The core objective of this role is to ensure that our customers consistently receive an installation experience that is professional, reassuring, highly-organised and well communicated.

Whilst our Installations Manager and Installations Supervisor are out on site preparing and ensuring the installations run smoothly, your role will be to ensure that installation projects are well planned and ready for their scheduled date and that customers are kept well informed and have a central point of contact throughout their installation experience to quickly answer any queries or resolve any issues.

Your role will involve continuous liaison with the operations department to ensure that ordered parts are on schedule and all of the paperwork and company database is kept up-to-date and organised so that we can always quickly access installation project information.

You will also be responsible for obtaining feedback from customers at the end of each project and using it to continuously improve our systems, processes and communications with excellent customer service in mind.

The right candidate will have an opportunity to advance their career and take on line management responsibilities.

Our ideal candidate:

We’re looking for someone with excellent organisational and ICT skills who is able to keep multiple projects running on time without dropping the ball so a proven background in administration and an understanding and appreciation of how to maintain accurate and timely CRM information is important to us.

The successful candidate will also be brilliant with a diverse range of people and be able to provide high levels of customer service by understanding the customers needs and effectively communicating how we can achieve this whilst also managing expectations on what is possible. They will also have an acumen for building relationships and liaising well internally. Good written and verbal communication skills are also essential to success in the role.

In general, we value people who are proactive, self-accountable, focus on solutions not problems and have a continuous desire to learn, grow and improve themselves and their roles.

We want our team to be happy so that our customers get the best possible experience they can have. We’d love to hear from you if you think you’d fit in with our team.


£26,000 – £32,000 per annum, depending on skills and experience.


Full time, Monday to Friday

To apply:

To apply please email us your CV with a covering letter to highlight your suitability for the role to

Job Description

Overall responsibilities

  • Effectively organising installations from start to finish, including the trafficking of materials between client and suppliers, and daily communication with both parties in order to achieve a smooth installation within the contractual timescales, and customers desires where possible with the key outputs of profitability and high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Effectively organising the maintenance needs for our customers as part of our after sales commitments to them by liaising and scheduling in engineers to resolve any remedial works within acceptable timescales.
  • Maintaining processes and databases to ensure all documentation, reports and plans are relevant, accurate and complete, from point of purchase through to after-sales and the final invoice being paid.
  • Acting as a key reference point for queries and information.
  • Collating feedback from all sources (e.g. customers, other departments, suppliers etc.) and using them to identify how to improve the installations and after sales coordination.
  • Developing positive relationships with customers and teams to support facilitation, tracking and reporting on the programme.
  • Ensuring all project files are consistently organised, complete and easily understood.
  • Identifying and implementing improvements to processes and systems which increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Collating and coordinating snagging lists from customers and the installers monster report. Assigning end of sales jobs to relevant personnel and ensuring they are completed in a timely manner in order to enable payment of final invoice.

Key areas of performance

  • The information below provides details on the key elements required for the role holder to perform effectively.
  • Effectively tracks and communicates project status to the relevant people and keeps the customer updated with information on scheduled dates and times so that they are happy and confident with our service.
  • Tracks and reports on project performance- using iFlow database.
  • Ensures parts for service calls are ordered in a time and financially efficient manner.
  • Attends weekly project meetings to get updates on current projects and up-and-coming projects.
  • Effectively multi-tasks in order to achieve successful outcomes with competing deadlines.
  • Collates all reports from Installation Teams/ customers and feeds back any issues to the Installation Manager.
  • Updates all databases (e.g. iFlow and schedules) in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Informs Installations Manager and Purchasing Coordinator of any issues that may arise during the installation/schedule.
  • Liaises with the Installation Manager and Purchasing Coordinator to update project schedules and reports.
  • Continuously develops and improves internal processes and tools to increase the efficiency of operations.
  • Reviews the installation pack and technical drawings ensuring that information from the surveyors is correct and nothing is missed off the order.
  • Contacts the customer at the end of the installation to ensure they are happy and that all snagging issues have been identified and rectified within acceptable timescales.
  • Gathers feedback from customers on their experience and actively works to implement improvements to company processes, standards and customer service levels.
  • In liaison with the Installations Manager, effectively allocates and coordinates the installation schedule and teams according to installation dates and customer requirements.
  • Acts as central point of communication between customers and installers to ensure operational issues are resolved quickly and excellent customer service is achieved.
  • Where possible, tries to fit installation dates to the customers’ desires but always within the contractual deadlines.
  • Ensures good quality photos and videos of progress on-site are obtained from the Lead Installer for each project, and good examples are provided to the Marketing Manager for marketing purposes.
  • Is friendly, approachable and keeps customers updated on the progress and plan for the installation whilst on the installation so that they are happy and reassured throughout.
  • Ensures that any dates agreed by the Installations Manger or Installations Supervisor are added to the schedule are communicated to customers.
  • Consistently identifies and communicates ideas for improvements to line manager.
  • Communicates effectively internally and externally.
  • Is considerate of the challenges of open-plan working.
  • Maintains a safe working environment and reports issues as appropriate.

Person specification


  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Proficient in the use of a range of ICT
  • Excellent Excel skills
  • Good numeracy skills
  • Excellent organisational, time management and planning skills.
  • Able to multitask and work independently in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Enjoys and is able to interact effectively and build good relationships with a diverse range of people and backgrounds.
  • Ability to blend compassion for customers desires and provide reassurance whilst also managing expectations of what is achievable.
  • Excellent verbal (including telephone) and written communication skills
  • Highly organised and efficient
  • Able to work effectively under pressure
  • Friendly but able to be assertive when necessary to manage customer expectations.
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Genuinely understands and enjoys interacting with people.
  • Emotionally resilient and able to pursue completion despite set-backs.
  • Compassionate
  • Desire and ability to solve problems and adapt quickly to change of requirements or direction.
  • Self-motivated and ability to use own initiative, as well as being able to seek advice when required.
  • Proven experience of Project Management or co-ordination
  • Strong operational background.
  • Proven experience in an administrative role.
  • Happy to work in a busy open-plan setting.
  • Able to balance informality with professionalism with clients and colleagues.
  • Self-accountable
  • Focuses on solutions not problems
  • Have a continuous desire to learn, grow and improve


  • Understanding of good database management skills
  • Understanding of different door and window products
  • Relevant administrative qualification.
  • Able to interpret technical drawings in order to solve problems.
  • Experience of purchase orders.
  • Experience of working with windows and door installations or similar industry.
  • Previous line management experience

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