Apeer Lumi Windows

Frameless windows, look more with Lumi windows

Minimalist wall to wall glass that brings a new level of brightness to every aspect of your home.

Lumi is a ground breaking new range of frameless windows from Apeer. With wall to wall glass, no raised mounted frame, no exposed joints and no painted surfaces.

A subtle band of ceramic colour, sits around the edge of the glass, available in 8 different external colours, fused at an extremely high temperature to the glass inside the glazing unit.

Hidden under the ceramic colour lies the secret to Lumi’s strength – energy efficient triple glazing that has been structurally bonded to an internal core of high strength, glass-fibre reinforced profiles. The first of its kind on the market, bringing all the design benefits of frameless glazing with all the strength, security and internal styling of more traditional windows and doors.

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