Solarlux Bi-folding Doors

For more than 30 years Solarlux has been the name for exceptional quality in the manufacture of glazing solutions for public and private spaces.

Solarlux’s custom-made flexible bi-folding doors can be opened or closed to the exact width you require. With minimal effort the German engineered individual panels glide quietly and smoothly inwards or outwards, or to the left or right. Even when closed the large expanses of glass create an open feeling. Providing light-filled space and unobstructed views of the garden or the countryside which can be enjoyed year round. Or even the coast line as Solarlux’s pre-anodised finish makes the doors perfect for marine locations, protecting the frames from the harsh salt air.

A sight line of only 99mm ensures an extremely slim design of the Solarlux bi-folds. More than ever, it meets the very high requirements of aesthetics and transparency through its sophisticated technology, providing an even greater wealth of possibilities.


  • Overall depth 67mm
  • Panel up to 3m high & 1m wide
  • Weight of up to 90kg
  • Glass thickness from 5–36mm


  • Overall depth 84mm
  • Panel up to 3.5m high & 1.1m wide
  • Weight of up to 110kg
  • Glass thickness from 22–60mm

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Solarlux Bi-folding Doors




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