Reynaers Lift and Slide Doors – CP 130 LS

Looking for uninterrupted views, slim sightlines, easy opening and exceptional performance? Then take a look at the CP 130 LS aluminium lift and slide door.

A lift and slide sliding door opens up a multitude of possibilities, opening the door just a little, allows for fresh air to fill your home, a little wider, lets you nip out to the garden, or open the door fully to really let the outside in. The sliding door creates an extra feeling of space and lets natural light flood your home.

The CP 130 LS sliding door by Reynaers uses durable, stainless steel wheels and rails, allowing you to open the door easily with just two fingers. The lift and slide mechanism means the door is lifted slightly before opening or closing, reducing friction and making the operation smooth and effortless. In the closed position, the door is lowered onto the track, providing additional weather resistance.
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Available as monorail, duo rail, 3-rail, corner opening or pocket door configurations, with the aluminium profile being available in 150 different RAL colour choices. Book an appointment to visit our showroom and speak with our fully trained experts to experience the doors and see what options would best suit you.

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