CE Marking

Since 2013 it is law for all manufacturers of windows and doors to display a valid CE mark on their products. As you would expect, Aspect Windows Western Ltd has made sure that it is entirely compliant with government legislation and displays the CE mark on all of its products, as well as here on the website.

  • CE marking is a declaration that a product meets the performance characteristics of the relevant standards, it is not a quality mark
  • CE marking of doors and windows is a requirement under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)
  • CPR is an EU law, adopted by the UK and all member states, made mandatory on 1 July 2013
  • By making a declaration of performance the manufacturer is assuming legal responsibility for the conformity to harmonised European standards.
  • If you buy a product which is CE marked and do not make any changes to it then you do not have to do anything. Please bear in mind that this is our interpretation of the CPR and BS EN 14351-1.
  • If you buy CE marked products and make changes, such as buying un-glazed frames and sourcing the glass, panels, handles etc from a third party then you are responsible for the CE mark.
  • If you buy components from multiple sources (even if they are CE marked) and assemble on site you are responsible for the CE mark.