Pocket Sliding Doors

A pocket sliding door uses an extended track which allows the sliding door to nearly disappear completely when opened. Disappearing either into a pocket within the cavity of the wall, or alongside the external wall of the room. Creating the ultimate indoor/outdoor living experience.

Traditionally one drawback of a sliding door, when compared to bi-folding doors was how much the aperture could be opened. Due to the opening sash having to sit behind a fixed pane. However a pocket sliding door changes that. You are able to effortlessly slide open a glazed wall until it disappears from view, leaving a fully opened aperture.

Pocket door - sliding doorPocket door opening alongside the external wall of the room

A pocket door is perfect for both large and small applications and everything in-between. A pocket door can help to make a space feel larger, and maximise the light which can fill the room.

There are many different configuration options available, from single sashes for minimal sight-lines, to multiple sashes sliding into opposite pockets. Or combine with an open corner to create a truly spectacular architectural glazing feature.
Slim sliding door open corner - open viewTriple track sliding door, meeting a single track at the open corner, combined with cavity wall pocket on single track

At Aspect Windows we can help to walk you through your different configuration options and help to identify which would work best for your property. We would highly recommend planning your pocket door as early as possible in your project. As considerations will need to be made at the design stage, particularly if you are wanting the door to open into the cavity wall. Book a showroom appointment today.

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