Glass to Glass Corner Window

Enjoy panoramic views with a glass to glass, frame-less corner window.

What is a glass to glass/frame-less corner window?

A glass to glass corner window, also known as a frame-less corner window, is when two panes of glass meet at a corner. Connected together using structural silicone, creating a weather proof seal and a neat appearance. With no frame in between ensuring there are no interruptions to the view beyond. Whilst letting maximum light fill the room.

Glass to glass corner window Glass to glass corner window - outside

Typically installed where views can be enjoyed the most. A frame-less corner window creates a fantastic focal point for a room, creating a real wow-factor/feature.

A stunning feature on its own, or even more so when paired with another glazing system. They are incredibly versatile. A corner window can be integrated with fixed windows or alongside an opening window system, sliding door or bi-folding door system, or floor to ceiling glazing. Or you could create a box window, a window seat, or an eaves window. All helping you to create a bright open living area, with a sense of space. No matter the size of the room.

Frameless corner window

Frame-less corners are a fast-growing architectural glazing trend. Due to its minimalist nature it can fit into architecture of any kind. However it is particularly perfect for joining old and new together.

Design considerations

A corner window will need to be incorporated into your design from an early stage. This is due to the structural implications. As the glass itself doesn’t have any structural properties. Therefore the corner of the room must be able to support the ceiling of the roof above, without needing brickwork or a corner post. Enlist the help of an architect or structural engineer to ensure that the unsupported corner is structurally secure. Plus utilise the services of a highly experienced architectural glazing expert, to ensure what you are looking for is technically possible and the optimal glazing system is used.

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