Tips for using the RK Door designer to help design your perfect front door

Work your way down through the tabs on the left hand side of the door configurator, to design your perfect front door. The mock up on the right will update as per the selection you make. Allowing you to see your design come to life.

Open the configurator

Click here to open the door configurator.


Select the door type you are looking for e.g. single door/single door with side panel(s), double door etc.


Select the ‘system’ required. We would recommend looking at the thermal performance and the door thickness. If you are unsure, leave it as standard and we can offer our recommendations based on your requirements and design selected.


On the ‘construction’ tab enter the measurements of your door and side panels (if applicable), and select the opening direction of the door.

Door model

The ‘door model’ tab allows you to select your door design. By default it will show you all the RK door models, allowing you to look through to find a design that suits your taste. If you are interested in a particular range, you can use the drop down list at the top, to filter by the various ranges e.g. Pivot, Art Line etc.

Design Variants

The ‘design variants’ tab, will show you the different design variations (both internally and externally) for the particular design you have selected. For some designs there is only one option, whereas for others there are multiple.


Select the colour of your door, using the ‘colours’ tab. Using the drop down at the top, you are able to select a different colour for the outside door panel and the frame. If you would like a different colour internally, select the ‘inside view’ button, this will then allow you to change the colour of the panel and frame internally.


If applicable select the glass for your door and/or side panels. The drop down at the top will allow you to select different glass for the door, side panels and upper glass.


Use the drop down to select the different hardware e.g. door handle, latch, key-less entry systems, knockers, house numbers etc. From here, each of the different options for the door you have designed will be displayed, allowing you to make a selection for each piece of hardware.

Secury Automatic

Select your lock of choice. A description of each lock is included to help you choose, however if you are unsure select the default ES1350. We can offer our recommendations based on your requirements.

Insert door into the house

You have now designed your front door. To help you imagine what the door will look like in your home, you can upload a photo of your house and insert the door.


This will provide an overview of all of your selections. If you are happy with the door your have designed press ‘price request’ and complete your details. The quotation request will then be sent to Aspect Windows. The team will review and come back to you with your quotation.