Aerogel OW-80 Casement Window FAQs

The Origin OW-80 casement window can be upgraded to use aerogel technology, boosting energy efficiency to the highest possible A++ rating, and u-values of 0.8 W/m2K.

As the OW-80 is the only window on the market to offer this powerful insulation we have comprised some frequently asked questions on what aerogel is, and how your windows can benefit.

What is aerogel?

What is aerogel used for?

Why is aerogel good insulator?

How is aerogel used with the Origin OW-80 casement window?

How long will aerogel last for in the Origin OW-80 casement window?

What u-values can be achieved with the aerogel OW-80 casement window?

What Window Energy Rating (WER) can the aerogel OW-80 casement window achieve?