FAQ – What is the lead times for my windows and doors?

Window and door lead times will vary depending on the window or door system you choose, the profile colour you select and any enhancements such as pre-anodisation.

Windows and doors manufactured by ourselves, such as AluK and Reynaers can typically be offered at a much faster turnaround time compared to windows and doors which are manufactured in Europe, such as Internorm products.

Once you have decided on the glazing system, products, configuration and colour you would like, our sales team will provide you with a quote, which we will aim to get to you within 7 working days. If you are happy with the quote, the paperwork will need to be signed and returned to us, along with the deposit.

Once the deposit has cleared, your order is passed onto our surveying team. Who will be in contact within 2 weeks to arrange the survey of your window and door apertures. Ensuring that the glazing is created to your exact requirements. Following the survey you will receive the drawings for your windows and doors within 2 weeks. It is then over to you to check over the drawings, ensuring they are correct. Once we have received your sign off, the windows will progress onto the manufacturing stage. The time it takes to manufacture your products is very much dependent on the product you order. If you have selected products manufactured by ourselves, in a stocked colour, the turnaround time can be as little as two weeks. For non-stocked/standard colours, or for products coming from 3rd parties, manufacturing and delivery can take up to 10 weeks. With pre-anodised marine finishes or special shaped frames taking up to an additional 4 weeks.

If you are looking for your windows and doors to be installed within a certain time frame, the sales team will be able to advise if this is achievable.

A 2 week provisional date will be issued once the products reach mid-point of the manufacturing stage, with the final agreed installation date being confirmed once manufacturing is complete and in stock at Aspect windows.

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