FAQ – How secure are bi-folding doors?

Many people wrongly assume that bi-folding doors are easier to break into than more traditional, conventional doors. This isn’t the case, bi-folding doors are just as secure as alternative doors.

The majority of modern bi-folding door systems will feature a multi-point locking system, and a track that most intruders would find impossible to lift the doors from.

Aspect Windows work with some of the most secure systems on the market which have passed PAS23/24 tests.

The Origin bi-fold for example is manufactured and assembled in the UK, with an 8 point locking systems. Offering extra security and conforming to Secure by Design standards (the official UK Police initiative to stop intruders through good design practices). The Origin bi-fold also offers chamfered 20mm linear bolts, which provides a smooth operation when engaging the lock. Combined with deep throwing 25mm security hooks and strong hinges creating a maximum compression for increased security and weather resistance.

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