What is an anodised finish on aluminium windows and doors?

An anodised finish is a surface treatment which is applied to the aluminium profile, creating a controlled oxide layer. This layer is incredibly resistant to corrosion, it delivers a high level of protection to the aluminium window and door frames, with a natural metal appearance.


Anodisation is a high performance finish, which is suitable for properties in all environments. The long lasting and incredibly durable finish is especially ideal for coastal properties. In these aggressive environments, where there is salt and moisture in the air and harsher weather, the thickness of the oxide layer is adjusted to offer increased protection.

Advantages of an anodised finish

  • An anodised finish offers a high level of protection with a natural metal look
  • The finish is available in different colours: natural, champagne, bronze and black (for Reynaers windows and doors)
  • The oxide layer preserves the original aluminium structure
  • Long-term protection against water and UV is attained
  • Frames with an anodised finish are low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • Anodised profiles are resistant to colour fastness therefore won’t fade over time.

The anodisation process

During the anodisation process the aluminium profiles are degreased and cleaned, before being dipped into a chemical bath. This is where an artificial oxidation process takes place, allowing the pores of the aluminium to open. The profiles are then coloured in a bath of metal oxide. Finally, the pores are closed again in a special steam bath. The anodisation process is carried out in accordance to the Qualanod regulations. This process will result in a natural look of aluminium.

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An anodised finish is available with the full suite of Reynaers aluminium windows and doors, or the Ultraline slim sliding door. To learn more visit our showroom to speak with one of our experts and see the different colour samples. Book a showroom appointment today.

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