Why has the colour faded on my powder coated aluminium windows and doors?

The colour of dark Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) aluminium window and door frames can appear faded over time.

This is often caused by a build-up of environmental deposits over time. Giving the appearance of colour fading. This is most evident in coastal and salt air environments or areas with greater air pollution.

How do you restore your faded powder coated aluminum window frames?

The colour fading can be resolved by simply cleaning the frames with a small amount of cream cleaner (such as Cif cream cleaner) on a soft non-abrasive cloth. This will remove the deposits and return the aluminium PPC frames to their original colour.

It is recommend to test on a hidden/inconspicuous area initially to ensure your satisfaction with the results.

How do you prevent your powder coated aluminum windows from fading?

To prevent the build-up of environmental deposits, the frames should be cleaned regularly with warm water and a mild detergent. For example, a washed down baby bath product. Washing up liquid is not recommend. The frames should be cleaned every 3 months if you live within 3.2 miles of the coast or in a corrosive environment, or every 6 months elsewhere.

All products supplied and installed by Aspect Windows have been finished to the highest specifications. They are in accordance with the relevant British Standards for painted and anodised surfaces. Many system companies we use offer a warranty for up to 10 years against defects in the surface finish.

For a complete guide to maintaining your aluminium windows and doors, please refer to our care and maintenance documents, which can be found here.

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