Reynaers Lift and Slide Doors – CP 155 LS

The CP 155 LS Reynaers sliding door is the ideal door if you are looking for larger sliding doors, which are easy to open and can achieve excellent thermal insulation levels.

This sophisticated system fulfills user’s high expectations of optimum quality, high insulation and ease of operation. The inherent strength of this system makes it possible to offer very large dimensions – up to 3m in height and a maximum vent weight of 400kg.

Thanks to the ‘High Insulation’ upgrade, the system can achieve an insulation U-value as low as 1.07 W/m2K, and therefore can be used in low-energy buildings.

The Reynaers CP 155 lift and slide system is available with a low threshold option, which allows you to create perfect continuity between your indoor and outdoor space, whilst at the same time improving the accessibility to the building.
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Decide from 3 different configurations for the large sliding panels; monorail, duo rail or a 3-rail system. Download the latest CP 155 brochure to find out more. Or book an appointment in our Exeter showroom with one of our Reynaers expert to help decide which configuration is best for your project.

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