FAQ – What is a bi-fold door threshold?

A bi-folding door threshold is the track along which the carriage slides to open and close the door. The bottom of the door fits into the bottom threshold and the top into the head of the frame.

It is possible to have a level/flush threshold between the inside and outside of the property, creating a seamless transition to the outside. However be sure to choose a weathered threshold for your doors to ensure that your property is well protected from the elements. Creating a flush threshold needs to be planned in at the design stage and clarified with Building Control (if involved) to ensure compliance, therefore forward planning really pays off.

  • Non-weathered threshold: This is when the track is almost completely flush to the floor.
  • Weathered threshold. A weathered threshold is also known as a ‘rebated’ threshold and features a small lip on one edge of the track. The seal on the bottom of the bi-fold door compresses against the lip to create a weather tight seal.

Learn more about how to achieve a flush thresholds here.

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