FAQ – What is the difference between bi-folding door dimensions and configurations?

Dimensions cover the size relating to the doors, including the overall size of the aperture and individual sizes of the door panes.

For example the aperture the bi-folding door is going to be installed into is 3000mm x 2200mm, with each door pane being 1000mm x 2200mm.

Configurations relate to how the doors open.

For example, if you have a 5 door set, you could have the following configurations: 5+0 (all 5 door panes would open in the same direction), or you can have a 4+1 (4 doors would open in one direction, with the other door opening the opposite way), or 3+2 (3 doors in one direction and the other 2 doors folding in the other direction). The configuration will also relate to the side the doors fold to and whether the doors open-in or open-out. It is also possible to have an open corner configuration, whereby the bi-folding door opens around 2 connecting walls.

Learn more about the different configuration option by watching our demonstration videos here.

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