FAQ – What sliding door configurations are available?

Sliding doors can be configured to suit your home and your requirements, with multiple options available, which include;

The number of tracks

Mono rail (one track)

A monorail system combines one moving pane with a fixed glazed pane that is anchored directly into the outer frame profile for a minimalist look.

You are also able to create a pocket door system using the monorail configuration, where by the moving pane slides into the wall pocket, which completely opens the aperture with no boundaries.

A duo rail system (two tracks)

A duo rail system has two tracks, with two glazed opening panes which are identical in appearance, giving an aesthetically pleasing and versatile sliding door. Allowing users to open up half of the aperture to the outside.

A 3-rail system (three tracks)

A 3 rail system allows for a 3rd opening pane, which allows for door leaves one and two to slide behind leaf three, opening two thirds of the aperture.

Open corner systems

It is possible to open up two corners of a room with an open corner system. A clever corner system comprises of two sliding panes that meet at the corner. Sliding the two doors apart, opens up the whole corner, with no fixed corner post to get in the way or obstruct the view. The weight above will need to be fully supported by steels, therefore this option will need to be planned in from the very beginning. As such we would recommend speaking with your architect or builder to see if this is a feasible option for your project.

Moving panes

Within each of the above track options, you can also choose which door panes move and which are fixed, along with the direction in which they slide.

Colour / finish

Aluminium sliding doors are available in over 150 different colours through a painting technique called Powder Coating. For enhanced protection if you live by the coast a pre-anodised finish is available which helps to protect the frames in aggressive marine environments. The pre-anodisation takes place prior to the Powder Coating process, where by the sections are coated with an artificial oxidation treatment.


Sliding doors are made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. The doors can fill very large apertures spanning sizes up to 3.2 meters in height, and upto 9m2, with a maximum panel weight of 600 kg.


You can choose either double glazing or triple glazing for your sliding doors.


Sliding doors are available with a low threshold option that creates perfect continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces, and improves the accessibility to your property. If you are opting for a low threshold this will need to be considered at design stage, and your builder will need to know the depth and height of the sliding door track being used when preparing the aperture.


There are a range of different handles available for your sliding door. Reynaers for example offer a design handle and a comfort handle for their lift and slide sliding doors.


Integral blinds allow you to have Venetian or pleated blinds installed into your double glazing. Providing privacy and light control, whilst eliminating the need for cleaning, and the possibility of the blinds getting damaged.

The configurations available do vary from system to system, therefore be sure to speak with an expert about your requirements to determine the best system for your project.

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