FAQ – What are the advantages of aluminium windows?

Aluminium is a great option for window frames and front doors, and is especially popular for glazed doors, due to the lightweight robust profile, which is capable of hosting wide spans of glass. Aluminium frames offer slim sight-lines, improved security and high thermal efficiency. The smooth finish and flexibility in colour make them a very popular choice for contemporary builds.


Aluminium frames are available in any RAL colour, thanks to a process called powder coating. Grey’s and blacks are a very popular colour amongst architects, especially when creating a contemporary new build, with wow-factor glazing. You can also choose to have dual colours, whereby you would have a different colour on the outside of the window compared to the inside, allowing you to match the frame colours perfectly with your property and decor.

Low maintenance

Aluminium is durable and requires little upkeep, a simple wipe with a damp soapy cloth is what we recommend for cleaning. Its a great option for exposed locations, such as near the coast, or an estuary. With a pre-anodised finish, the frames are even better equipped to resist the effects of the harsh elements such as salt air from coastal locations.

Slim profiles

As aluminium profiles are easy to work with, thin profiles with neat, square edges are easier to achieve with aluminium over PVCu or wood; both of which would have much thicker/wider frames. As well as contemporary builds, aluminium can also be used for traditional properties. Aluminium allows you to create a period style metal frame with a modern twist, helping to create an architectural feature of your windows.

Life span

Aluminium frames also have a very long life span, you can expect them to last between 40-60 years, if installed correctly. They are also 100% recyclable at the end of the frames service life.

At Aspect we offer a range of different aluminium windows. If you would like to some help, to help you understand the right choice for your windows and doors, please book a showroom appointment, where you can speak with one of our experts and experience the different options for yourself.

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