FAQ – What are the advantages of composite (alu-clad) windows?

Composite windows, also known as alu-clad windows, combine two materials in the construction of the frames. At Aspect Windows we offer two options when it comes to composite windows; timber-aluminium and PVCu-aluminium.

There are a number of key advantages to specifying your doors and windows as alu-clad composites:

Timber-aluminium windows offer you the attractive looks and effective insulation of timber windows but with sleek powder-coated aluminium cladding on the outside which offers low maintenance and durability.

PVCu-aluminium windows offer the sleek contemporary look of aluminium externally, whilst providing high thermal insulation and ease of cleaning internally.

The main reason engineered timber or PVCu is used on the inside is because it’s an innately good insulator – so it can help to improve U-values and minimise heat loss. Therefore are particularly suited when looking for low energy windows or if you are wanting to reach passive house standards, when matched with triple glazing. Composites are hugely popular in Scandinavia, Canada and areas with similar cold climates, as triple glazed versions offer U-values as low as 0.6 W/m2K

For both options, the sleek outer aluminium frames, provide a low maintenance finish, which can be powder coated in a range of RAL colours. In gloss, matt, satin or anodised (for marine environments) finishes to create a contemporary look from the outside that’s ideal for modern renovations. For period properties, more traditional designs are also available, with the internal timber framing giving a softer finish that suits these homes. Alu-clad windows are also a great choice for homes in coastal locations and other exposed locations as with a highly weather resistant paint finish they are excellent at resisting the effects of harsh weather.

In terms of lifespan you can expect 40 years plus from a quality aluminium cladded windows.

At Aspect Windows we offer Internorms‘ timber-aluminium, and PVCu-aluminium windows and doors. Renown for their innovation in the window market, with high-tech and high-design glazing, setting standards Euorpe-wide.

To learn more about composite windows, book a showroom visit, where you can talk through your options with one of our experts, as well as experience the quality of the products for yourself.

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