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Helping you to choose the right rooflight for your project

Are you are thinking about a new rooflight or skylight for your home? There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right rooflight. Including location, specification, type of rooflight and function. Here are some tips and advice helping you to choose the right rooflight for your project.

Rooflight location – where will the rooflight be installed?

A rooflight is an excellent way to increase the natural light in a home The positioning of the rooflight will have an impact on the amount of natural light which can fill the home. Think about when you need the most amount of light in a particular room. East facing windows will ensure there is plenty of light in the room during the mornings, whereas West facing windows will give you greater light later in the day. On a practical note there maybe be structural considerations to factor into the positioning of the rooflight, such as beams or electrics.Aluminium bi-folding doors and lantern rooflight

Rooflight size

The overall size of the rooflight will obviously have an impact on the level of light which is able to fill the room. The bigger the rooflight the more light. However consider balancing the size of your rooflight with other practicalities as well as the overall feel of the space.

Also think about the style of your property and interior. For modern homes or homes with a contemporary style, larger areas of glazing can work well. For period properties or listed buildings then it is advisable to use conservation rooflights, keeping to smaller sizes.

Many rooflights will come in stocked sizes for speedy turnaround times. Bespoke sizes are also available for certain rooflights. As you would expect bespoke sizes do result in longer lead times, therefore this will need to be allowed for in your schedule.

Type of rooflight

There are a number of different rooflight types, which include:

  • Flat Fixed Rooflights
  • Opening Rooflights
  • Modular Rooflights
  • Walk-On Rooflights
  • Access Rooflights
  • Circular rooflights
  • Pitched rooflights
  • Lantern/pyramid rooflights

The shape and size of the rooflight will be dependent on the building and the purpose of the design. Pyramid rooflights are architecturally engineered to maximise the amount of light that’s allowed to enter the room helping to create a brighter, lighter room with an illusion of space.

A fixed rooflight, does not open, designed to bring natural light into your home. Reducing the need for artificial lighting.

If ventilation is required an opening rooflight will allow you to let more air into a room. Opening rooflights are ideal for warm rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms, where they can also help to remove steam and cooking smells. Available with either manual or electrical operation options. Electrical options can incorporate rain, temperature or wind sensors, closing the rooflight automatically based on the weather outside.

Modular rooflights allow you to combine a number of rooflight units together.

If your rooflight is going to be installed onto a roof terrace, than a walk-on rooflight will need to be installed. With glass significantly thicker than a standard rooflight to support the weight of people walking on or standing on the rooflight.

Skyview Orangery Lantern Roof Light

Rooflight glass specification

In order to ensure your safety, the glass specification should include an toughened outer pane and an laminated inner pane. Otherwise known as tempered, toughened glass is specially treated to be far more resistant to breakage than standard glass. Toughened glass is ideal for the outer pane of a rooflight as it greatly reduces the chances of breakages. If broken, it is designed to shatter into multiple tiny fragments instead of larger more hazardous shards. Laminated glass is commonly used for safety and security purposes, because rather than shattering on impact, it simply cracks, whilst still supporting itself, rather than falling which could be dangerous.

Do you want your windows to be energy saving, heat controlling or noise reducing (or all three)? If you are working with an east or north-facing room you are probably best going for energy saving glazing as this will keep the heat during winter months. For rooflights positioned either south or west, glazing that controls the temperature are a good choice as it will prevent a greenhouse effect and ensure the room can be used year round.

UV protection should be considered. Sun control glass will protect your home’s furnishings and occupants from harmful UV rays. Whilst self-cleaning glass will ensure your rooflights stay clean, allowing maximum daylight to fill the room.

Rooflight cost

The cost of your rooflight will be dependent on all of the different factors mentioned above: the type/style you choose, the size, whether it’s double or triple glazed, the glass specification such as noise or temperature control. If you would like an idea of the cost, or discuss your requirements further, give the team a call on 01392 444233 who will be happy to help. Or learn more about the various rooflights we have available here.

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"The whole process has been excellent - I really appreciate the patience you've taken on what is a huge expenditure for a passion project, working with total amateurs! You've always taken the time to answer questions, explain options and crucially, make recommendations when nativity/inexperience clouds our judgement. A real skill and something I personally have really appreciated as I feel confident that we now have windows and doors that complement our house, design and style. Without that level of consultative engagement and relationship I'm confident I would have overlooked details and made a substandard decision. Thank you!"

Mrs Trestain, Padstow

"Just a quick note of thanks to the whole team for our fab windows and doors, we are delighted with both the product and also with the whole fitting process. The lads were brilliant (it's not often you get trades in the house who leave it cleaner at the end of the day than when they arrive in the morning!!) and just quietly got on with the job. Thank you again"

Mr & Mrs Leonard, Exeter

"The pocket sliding door and gable look amazing, it’s an impressive bit of kit and it’s a revelation to be able to open the space up! I have to say we’ve been very impressed with all your teams positivity, professionalism and workmanship, from start to finish - so a big thank you…"

Mr Marsh, Exeter

"I would like to thank you for the quality of the service we have received from Aspect Windows and commend you for the care and attention that we have received throughout the process. I am thoroughly pleased with our new windows and would recommend your services to anybody who asks."

Mr & Mrs Miller, Exmouth

"I wanted to just send my thanks and appreciation. We had an install approx. 6 years ago including some bi-fold doors which in recent weeks appeared to have dropped and became very difficult to lock. I called the office on Monday and a lady took my details and quickly called me back suggesting you had an engineer locally the following day. He arrived and was extremely polite and efficient and diagnosed a broken hinge. He went back to the depot collected the replacement part, then returned to Budleigh and completed the repair. We really appreciate the speed and efficiency with which you dealt with the issue and the ease from a customer perspective. "

Mr Ashby, Budleigh Salterton

"I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you have provided in the planning, removal & installation of our beautiful new windows and doors. We were completely amazed & delighted at the speed of which the installation took place and the hard work put in by the installation team. They worked very efficiently and communicated with me at ease through the week so I knew their plans with each room for installation. All the windows & door look great and we have already had lots of compliments. "

Mrs Oakes-Ash, Exmouth

"We would like to thank everyone at Aspect Windows for the fantastic service that we have received on our project. From start to finish, you have been so professional and we are totally thrilled with our sliding doors and our side door. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone thinking of undergoing a similar project."

Mrs Moores, Templecombe

"We would just like to say how excellent the service has been from Aspect Windows from beginning to end. The salesman could not have been more helpful, we felt completely unhurried and un-pressured. The fitter was also extremely good, he was neat, careful and very respectful of our property as well as being very sociable and polite. Congratulations Aspect Windows on a really good job I wish everything in life could be so straightforward!"

Mr Foster, Exeter

"I had chosen Aspect Windows in Exeter to supply the glazing as they had a good reputation and specialised in aluminium doors windows and curtain walling. Aspect were brilliant throughout the design and fitting process, working to incredibly tight tolerances especially on the curtain walling."

Mr Abdilla, Exeter