RK Door System FAQ’s

To quickly find the answers to commonly raised questions about RK entrance doors, please select from the following list of FAQs.

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Are there standard sizes for the RK Door System entrance doors?

All RK Doors are made to order to your exact specifications. Hinged doors can be as big as 1300 mm wide x 3000 mm high and pivot doors up to 2000 mm wide x 3000 mm high.

Is there a size limit for the RK Door? 

All RK Doors can be made to your requirements. The online design configurator is limited to certain dimensions. If your requirements fall outside of this, please add a note to your enquiry and your quotation will reflect these dimensions.

Are there different colour options?

There are 20 standard colours and special metallic finishes, as well as 400 RAL colours available to special order. Plus a new line of coloured glass finishes have been added to the special order collection.

Are there any wood finishes?

You can choose from 10 different wood effect options, or request a special order custom wood colour. RK also offer a unique planked door, that provides a true timber look, without the maintenance and movement associated with timber doors.

What are the doors made from?

RK Doors are all manufactured using high-quality insulated aluminium.

How secure are the doors?

The RK Doors are PAS 24:2016 certified (an enhanced security performance for door-sets and windows in the UK). They are also rated at European RC2 and RC3 level security, plus have a bullet rating! During testing the doors had to resist simulated burglary attempts for a period of time. The doors passed at the highest standard.

All the glass within the doors is high security laminated glazing.

Do the locks satisfy insurance company requirements?

Yes, fitted with the highest quality German engineered locking system, the doors meet insurance company security requirements.

What are the locking options?

RK Door Systems offer a number of multi-point locking systems, with 3, 5 or 7 point locks available. Plus other security options such as opening restrictors and digital door viewers.

Is it possible to have an automatic/electronic opening door?

Yes it is, there are a few different options for automatic opening:

  • Finger print entry: Ease of access using a finger print scanner, up to 99 finger prints can be registered to the scanner.
  • Key pad entry: Enter a 4-digit access code.
  • Power lever arm: The power lever arm opens the door completely at the push of a remote control button. The door can then also be closed and locked using the remote.

Can the doors be used with a smart home system?

Yes the RK Doors can be linked to a smart home system. Either in conjunction with a finger print scanner / keypad system or simply through a motorised lock or electronic keep.

Is the RK Door System suitable for disabled access?

The RK Door System is fitted with a low level disability access threshold as standard. When the doors are fitted in a covered porch area, they can be installed with no threshold and a drop down seal from the underside of the door.

Can I have a letter box in my door?

Yes, it is possible to have a letter box (or a cat flap) in an RK Door. When using the door designer to design your perfect front door, please select this option from within the fittings section.

Can I have my house name or number included within my door design?

There are a number of options to personalise your front door with your house name or number. The name/number can be etched into the glass panel within the door, or in the sidelight. Or stainless steel names/numbers can be inserted into the face of the door.

Are the doors suitable for Passive House standard?

Yes the RK Exclusive, Premium and Pivot doors all have a U-value under 0.80 W/m2K and are suitable for homes built to Passiv Haus standard.

Where can I go to see an RK Door System on display?

We have a number of RK doors on display in our Exeter showroom. Book a showroom appointment today, to visit the showroom and experience the quality of the RK Door in person, plus talk through the many different options with one of our product experts.

How can I design my perfect RK entrance door?

Visit our online door designer to design the perfect front door for your home. You will find a number of tips here, which will guide you through the door designer, to ensure no options are missed. See your design come to life and make changes as you go to making certain you design your perfect front door.

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