Ultraline Slim Sliding Door FAQ’s

To quickly find the answers to commonly raised questions about the Ultraline slim sliding door, please select from the following list of FAQs.

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Configuration Options

How big can an Ultraline sliding door be?

Double Glazed – Each individual door panel can be a maximum of 4.2 m wide and 3.2 m high (without exceeding 9 sqm per panel).

Triple Glazed – Each individual door panel can be a maximum of 2.7 m wide and 3.2 m high (without exceeding 5.4 sqm per panel).

Can I have a pocket sliding door configuration or a open/floating corner configuration?

Yes, Ultraline offer both a pocket door option; where the door opens into a cavity pocket created within the wall, and an open corner configuration; where the two doors meet at the corner, leaving a completely open space when opened. You can even combine the two together and have both an open corner and pocket door in one.

Learn more about pocket doors and open corner configurations.

Can I combine an Ultraline sliding door with a glass to glass / frameless corner?

Yes you can.

Learn more about glass to glass corner windows.

Can I achieve a flush threshold with the Ultraline sliding door?

Yes you can. The flush track with integrated drainage comes as standard. Allowing for a seamless transition between inside and out.

What colours are the Ultraline sliding doors available in?

The Ultraline slim sliding door is available in 4 different colours:

  • Brushed Platinum (Anodised)
  • RAL 7016 Matt Anthracite Grey (PPC)
  • RAL 7021 Matt Black Grey (PPC)
  • RAL 9005 Matt Jet Black (PPC)

All of the doors are finished to marine-grade standard (60 microns). Which is essential for properties located within 3 miles of a coastal location, in order to protect the frames from the harsh elements and ensure longevity.

All polyester powder coated (PPC) colours are Matt at 30% gloss level.

What different glass specs are available with the Ultraline sliding door?

There are two different glass specs in either double or triple glazing, standard and solar control.

The standard double glazed units are high performance, low-e coated, argon-filled units with black warm edge composite spacer bars.

The solar control glass will reflect and filter the sun’s rays, allowing natural daylight into the room, whilst reducing glare and heat gain, creating a comfortable internal environment.

Both glass options are made with toughened safety glass.

The full glass specifications can be found here.

Product details

What warranty period is offered and does this cover coastal locations?

Ultraline offer a 10-year manufacturers warranty, which covers defects in the surface finish, glass, and mechanical parts (including electrical locks, keeps and hinges).

Installations within 3 miles of a body of salt water i.e. coastal locations or estuaries are also covered by the warranty, as long as a maintenance plan with log is adhered to.

Full details of the warranty Ultraline offer can be downloaded from the Aftersales care portal.

What is the sight-lines of the Ultraline sliding door? How thin is the frame?

The slim line sliding doors advanced design and engineering offers a 20 mm sight-line throughout the visible system when installed. One of the slimmest sliding doors available.

The center interlock has a sight-line of 20 mm, with the side/head of the outer frame being 50 mm. However when installed 40 mm of the outer frames are concealed, meaning that only 20 mm of frame all the way around is visible, allowing you to create perfect symmetry.

Can I have trickle vents in the Ultraline sliding door?

Due to the slim sight-lines of the Ultraline sliding door, it is not possible to have trickle vents.

However it is possible to lock the door in a semi-open position of 100 mm, to ventilate the room without compromising on security.

Are the doors compliant with PAS 24:2016 and Document Q?

The Ultraline sliding door is PAS 24:2016 accredited, thanks to the robustness and strength of the locking system.

The lock is a stainless steel solenoid bolt, operated by a Niko Home Control switch. The lock can be easily integrated with a smart home system.

The doors are also Document Q compliant when specified with laminated glass. Document Q is a building regulation which applies to new builds, intended to ensure that all entry points to a property provide a certain level of security against intruders.

How should the electric lock be wired? 

The solenoid bolt lock is simple to wire in – very similar to a light switch. Technical details with wiring instructions can be found here.

The bolt is operated by a Niko Home Control switch and can be integrated into a smart home technology system.

My sliding door electric lock is not working, what should I do? 

If you find that your slim sliding door won’t lock, there is a manual override. Please also follow these troubleshooting tips, to help identify the issue.

How can I connect the Ultraline door with my Niko Smart Hub ? 

The electric lock is operated by a Niko Home Control switch, which can be integrated into a smart home technology system.

The installation guide for the Niko smart hub can be found here. If you are using a different smart hub, we would recommend consulting your smart home systems’ installation guide, as the installation of each smart home system will be different.

What is weather performance testing? and has the Ultraline slim sliding door been independently tested?  

Weather performance testing is a method used to determine if windows and doors meet specific weather resistant requirements, set out in British Standards and/or European Standards.

Weather testing for windows and doors includes:

  • Air Permeability
  • Water Tightness
  • Wind Resistance

The tests show how effective the windows and doors are as a barrier against the weather.

The Ultraline slim sliding door has been independently tested. The completed report can be found here.