FAQ – What are tilt and turn windows?

Tilt and turn windows have long been a popular choice for homeowners in Europe, due to their excellent weather proofing and security features. The windows feature a hinge mechanism which means they can be opened 2 ways.

Tilt and turn windows can be opened fully like a casement window (inwards, opposed to outwards). Or tilted from the bottom so that the top of the window is angled into the room, creating a small opening for ventilation.


One of the biggest advantages of a tilt and turn window is flexibility when it comes to ventilation. You don’t need to have the window opened fully to let air into your home, you can simply tilt it. Due to the angle of the tilt, if your window is open when it rains, water doesn’t come into your home.

Ease of cleaning

Another advantage is ease of maintenance and cleaning. As these windows can open fully into the home, they are really easy to clean both the inside and outside, without having to use a ladder, or take the risk of leaning outside your window.


Tilt and turn windows provide unobstructed views, and high levels of natural light into the room.

Large sizes

Tilt and turn windows can be manufactured bigger than casement windows. Allowing you to have full height windows, or large opening picture windows.

Safety/Emergency exit

Tilt and turn windows are particularly suitable for families with small children or pets, as you can tilt the windows open for ventilation, without the danger of children or pets falling out. As the windows can also be opened fully, they can be used as a fire escape in the event of an emergency.


They are a great choice for bathrooms, as it provides both ventilation and privacy.  Plus a good choice when there is a narrow space outside and an outward opening window could be obstructive.

Before making the decision on whether tilt and turn windows are the right choice for your property, we would recommend visiting a showroom where you can try out the window for yourself. If you have any questions, are experts are on hand to help.

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